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  • Translation

    Known Languages has a global network of approved translation professionals chosen for their language fluency, industry expertise and knowledge of local culture. You can be completely confident that the translation you receive is not only technically accurate but sector- and culture-specific,...

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  • Interpreting

    Known Languages provides professional interpreters for situations ranging from court hearings, to international conferences, to international collaboration, to business appointments. Core industry areas which use our interpreting services include medical, legal and health,...

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  • Voice overs

    Known Languages provides voiceover artistes with significant experience in recording for television and radio including, broadcasters and narrators. We cover a broad range of languages, dialects and regional accents and can help you find the right voice from our extensive voiceover library,...

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  • Desktop Publishing

    Our versatile, in-house desktop publishing service has been carefully designed to fit your exact needs. Just send us your original artwork files and we will do the rest from text re-sizing to modifying page layouts. Furthermore, we integrate quality assurance procedures to ensure that the meaning of the translated text is not compromised in the process,...

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